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Lesotho Mission Trip Report Back
by Greg Owens on June 7th, 2012

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Charmaine is a 16 year old high school student that went on our December 2010 Lesotho mission trip.  Below she shares about her experience:

“The Lesotho trip was such an awesome and humbling experience. God was with us every step of the way.  He shone his light for us, through us and with us. Never did he let us down!!

The trip changed my heart so much.  It taught me a lot of valuable lessons such as looking into people’s heart and not their outward appearance, appreciating what I have in my life, as well as teaching me to be flexible and adapt to all kinds of situations.
Serving God in Lesotho was awesome!  The people of Lesotho were so hungry for God’s love.  I will never forget the children and how they just loved us no matter what we looked like. I really enjoyed spending time with them and teaching them God’s word and ways through the holiday clubs (children’s ministry similar to Vacation Bible School)!  I will never forget those children and the bonds I made with them.  They will always be in my heart!

I served with a group of amazing people and I am so glad to have had this experience. The memories we made will never be forgotten! God brought us through a lot of things together and he has been so good to us.

All I can say is I am hooked on mission trips and hope to do more in my life!  I love Lesotho and miss it a lot!”

By Greg Owens

“Many people come and bless us with things, but your group brought us Jesus.”

Jill Kinsey, founder and director of the Pulane Children’s Home, shared this with our Lesotho mission team, where we went and ministered 6-15 December 2010. This was the first missions trip sponsored by World for Christ Ministries and it was an absolute success, as shown by this wonderful compliment.
We took a team of twelve people, including nine high school and college age students, and went to the rural village of Pulane (poo-LAWN-ee) in the country of Lesotho (leh-SOO-too).   Once in Lesotho, it took us 4 hours to travel 30 miles (50 km) in our 4x4 trucks to Pulane because of the road conditions.  It was worth every minute! Travelling over and around the magnificent mountains that Lesotho is known for, we entered this simple farming community that has no electricity or indoor plumbing.  We came to serve and bless the people in that community and God did amazing things.
We hosted three Holiday Clubs (a children’s ministry similar to Vacation Bible School) at three different schools, did maintenance on a suspension bridge that the children’s home uses, prayed for HIV/AIDS patients at the local clinic and Greg lead a day-long pastor’s workshop.
As with any missions trip, the #1 rule is “Be flexible” and our trip was no exception.  Two hours after leaving Cape Town our rented 4x4 truck broke down delaying our arrival into Pulane by a day and a half.  Then it rained the last half of the trip preventing us from doing our other scheduled activities.  But God knew why He needed us there and that was to show His love to the kids.

Because of our altered schedule, we were able to spend a lot of time with the children at the Children’s Home.  There are 61 children that live there.  It is always amazing to see how accepting and loving children are, even to complete strangers.  They came up to us with open arms and immediately took our hands establishing instant friendships.  All they were looking for was love and affection and were so willing to give it to us in return.
One of the most powerful testimonies from the trip was of a little girl at the Children’s Home named Liletu.  When we arrived, she was afraid of white people.  Every time a group came in to volunteer at the home, she would scream and run away.  And it was no different when we arrived.  But several of our team members kept trying to make friends with her.  At first she didn’t respond favorably but slowly she began to open up and trust us.  By the end of the week, Liletu was running and playing with us and having a great time.  She has a beautiful smile!  The Children’s Home workers said she had never done that before with any other group and couldn’t believe what they were seeing.  She was a completely different girl when we left.  It’s amazing how the power of love can change a child’s life.   Praise God!

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Sundar Singh Sadhu - June 4th, 2013 at 12:29 AM
Very much impressive and accurate to Christ's teachings and work-pattern.
Can you come to India too?
Sadhu ,Pastor
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